Calyx Cruise is a lifelong fitness enthusiast.  He is an ISSA certified Strength & Fitness Coach and competitive bodybuilder.  As a fitness model, public figure, and strength trainer, Calyx has engaged the international community in greater awareness of fitness and health through community activism, social media, television, and public appearances.  He continues to coach and encourage people in all aspects of health and fitness. In addition to his professional fitness certifications, Calyx also holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology with Geography from the University of Ghana.

"This journey hasn't been easy and it’s far from over.  Combining my education in psychology, hands-on trial and error, physical fitness training and certifications, I’ve discovered personal success in bodybuilding. In just a few years, using limited resources, a solid plan, and genuine hard work, I have earned incredible results, drug-free. Now, I love watching how my body responds to strength training and I enjoy the challenge of designing programs for myself and others. There is nothing in the world I am more passionate about."

Live healthy. Live strong. – Calyx Cruise