"PLANS TO SUCCEED": Workout Plans Now Available

Whatever your reason for working out, you've got a target you want to hit.  Those reasons are as diverse as we are as a people.  I also know the approach we choose to get there isn't going to be the same for everyone. 

The three preferences I see most: Those who want guidance all the way, those who need a little bit of help but like to do most of it on their own, and those who are totally independent and just have a few questions from time to time. You know which you are and that's great.  As some of you know, I've been guiding and coaching many of you already.  Now it’s time to give my independent friends some tools.  Workout plans are now available at calyxcruise.com.  Choose "Mass", "Fitness/Weight Loss" or "Shred" and smash it!


Mass by Calyx CruiseFitness Plan by Calyx CruiseShred by Calyx Cruise


Let's do this!

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Live strong, live healthy- Calyx



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